Ride Safe Indiana
  1. Choose the RiderCourseSM that meets your needs:
    Basic RiderCourseSM
    Prerequisites: Ability to ride a bicycle. Full protective attire is required. Must be of legal age to operate a motorcycle on the street. Depending on State, participants may need a driver's license and/or motorcycle permit.
    The Basic RiderCourse is a complete entry-level, learn-to-ride class that consists of at least 15 hours of formal classroom activities and on-cycle riding exercises conducted over two or three days. About five hours are devoted to learning activities in the classroom, and around 10 hours of hands-on practice are included. Training motorcycles are provided. Successfully completing a Motorcycle Operator Safety Education course in Indiana waives the motorcycle knowledge and rider skill test requirement.
    Basic RiderCourse 2 - License Waiver
    Similar to the BRC except speeds are higher and you should be on your own motorcycle. An excellent refresher course for practicing and renewing riding skills. Includes an informal classroom component for discussing safety concepts based on past riding experiences and current knowledge. If you do not need the license waiver component (no classroom activities and no knowledge or skill test), there is a "Skills Practice" offering.
    Advanced RiderCourse
    Includes a fast-paced classroom segment with several fun, interactive activities to improve perception and hazard awareness. Range exercises enhance both basic operating skills and crash-avoidance skills. Improving your braking and cornering finesse is emphasized. The course is beneficial for riders on any type of street motorcycle.
  2. All students must provide and wear the following personal items for all on-motorcycle instruction:
    • Over-the-ankle footwear. (not cloth, canvas, etc.)
    • Long non-flare denim pants or material of equivalent or better durability.
    • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket.
    • Full-fingered gloves, preferably leather.
  3. Course Fees:
    The cost of attending a RiderCourse will vary depending on your training provider.
  4. Course Requirements:
    The cost of attending a RiderCourse, Refund policies, and administrative change policies/fees will vary depending on your training provider.
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